Ita Eng



Thanks to the use of latest generation machinery, we are perfectly equipped for the processing of two-dimensional and three-dimensional components and for the processing of tubes and sheets. We can move from cutting to welding in a flexible way, creating a production environment that is always new and able to respond flexibly to changing customer needs. We carry out both aesthetic welds for design elements, and sealing welds for components of the mechanical industry (and not only). The power of the laser beam combined with the covering gas, allows to penetrate inside the materials melting them evenly, without leaving porosity inside the treated area. Applications can be small and / or large thanks to a working area of ​​4000x1500x750 mm. The positioning accuracy is less than 0.1 mm to meet the most demanding requirements. The materials worked in welding range from iron to stainless steel, copper, brass ... and many others.

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