Ita Eng


ILCAP is able to perform various types of processings for the furniture sector, both on steel and iron tubular also on round full of metal, providing a product made in a workmanlike manner. A convenient and quality product.
Main working such as Cutting, Bending, Shaping, Drilling and Welding are performed on Round pipe, on Wire, on Square, Rectangular, Oval and Elliptic profiles.

The welding techniques we use are:

  • Manuals - For the Oxyacetylene welding (also known as brazing, torch welding or flame welding) and for TIG welding;
  • Semi-automatic - For the continuous Wire welding (MIG/MAG);
  • Automatic - For the Projection welding and Laser welding.

Thanks to our experience and know-how we can meet the most varied demands of the Customer.