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Made in Italy


Since 2002 ILCAP manufactures and realizes metal frames, bases, bodies, inserts, elements and accessories for the furniture sector. Thanks to years of experience provides prototyping, studying, testing and planning with the Customer, providing solutions to improve and facilitate the production phase.

We have chosen three fundamental values to represent ourselves, values that express themselves in our work, in our services and in our business philosophy.
Quality come firs. All materials are carefully selected and monitored during each stage of the production process, by testing and certifying the product.
The second point of force is flexibility, constantly adapting ourselves to the market and Customer requirements.
Finally, what distinguishes ILCAP is the attention to details, to finishing, to precision, offering excellent 100% Made in Italy products.

Our philosophy aims to demonstrate that quality, intuition and know-how are an excellent mix to conquer the market.