Ita Eng
Made in Italy


ILCAP is a family company based in the outskirts of Udine. Founded in 2002 thanks to the experience of its founder Alessandro Paoluzzi, is involved in the mass production of frames, bases, bodies, inserts, elements for chairs, stools, tables and furnishing accessories distributed worldwide.


The goal is to offer assistance, prototyping and study of investments by combining technology and "hand-made", responding to the different needs of the market in the field of metal furnishing accessories Made in Italy.


ILCAP designs and produces prototypes through the support of architects and world famous companies, which have chosen ILCAP for quality, flexibility, timely responses and streamline production.


The company is equipped with complete plants able to realize and finalize metal articles... from the tube cutting, with drilling and finish tratment for internal and external chips, to bending or shaping, up to welding all the pieces. We guarantee perfect repeatability even for complex shapes.

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