Ita Eng


Processings on Round pipe

We perform processings on any type of round tubular with a diameter of 12 mm to 42 mm.

Main services:
Cutting, bending, shaping, drilling, welding.

Welding methods:

  • Oxyacetylene Welding (also known as brazing, torch welding or flame welding) - It's a very old technique and is suitable to reduce or limit deformations on the metals to be joined. In this process must be supplied filler material, in the form of rods, fluxes under the flame;
  • TIG - The TIG welding process is one of the most popular methods and provides high-quality joints made by highly skilled operators;
  • Wire - The continuous wire welding process (MIG/MAG) is generally used when it is required high productivity and flexibility of use;
  • Projection - The parts are welded together thanks to a electricity pulse avoiding deformation or discoloration of the work piece, perfect for high volume production;
  • Laser Welding - It's an innovative welding technique used to join pieces of metal with the use of a laser beam, which eliminates imperfections in the joint and without further finishing.

We weld any diameter.

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